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The cost of the registration of your new car
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The cost of the transmission of your car
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The car registration tax is a one-time payment that is mandatory in Spain for the "first registration" of the car. It has nothing to do with the circulation tax, which has to be paid every year.

If the car has been previously registered in another country, when importing and register it to Spain for the first time, it is also necessary to pay for.

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Calculate car registration tax

The cost of the car registration tax depends on several variables, the fact that most affects to calculate the car registration tax of a vehicle is the volume of CO2 emitted by the vehicle. Although it is not the only factor, it also influences the type of vehicle, in which region is registered the car or how old is it or more other factors.

You must pay the registration amount at the Spanish tax office, if you need us to perform the necessary procedures to pay the tax of registration of your imported car, we can do it for you.

Before paying the car registration tax it is necessary to get the approved of the vehicle in the Technical Inspection office (call ITV in Spain) and get the Document proving this.

Remember that vehicles emitting 120 gr / km CO2 or less are exempt from paying this registration tax.

If you have any questions, just contact us.

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(*) The end amount may change if the rates are updated in the region where the vehicle is registered.

(*) The calculation of the registration tax is performed based on the day on which the query.

(*) When a vehicle is less than 6 months old or less than 6,000 km, the result of the registration tax calculation obtained in this calculator is not valid and must be calculated based on the purchase value.

(*) The end amount may change if the rates are updated in the region where the vehicle is transferred.

(*) The calculation of the transmission tax is performed based on the day on which the query.

(*) If the vehicle is considered historical, the price of the tax may vary according to the autonomous community.

(*) Residents in Ceuta or Melilla have a 50% bonus on the fee to pay.

(*) In the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, the price of transmissions of light commercial and industrial vehicles of up to 3,500 Kg of maximum authorized mass could vary.


Traffic taxes for provisional green plate 20 €; traffic taxes for definitive plate 96.80 €; provisional Green plates 26 €; definitive white plates 26 €
Municipal taxes (changes according to each municipality) to be check in every town
Administrative fees (only if the client prefers to do it through a representative and not in person) € 100 + VAT